Official HFD Pipes and Drums Gear


HFD Pipes and Drums Decal


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HFD Pipes and Drums Patch


HFD Pipes and Drums

Regimental Cap Badge

2 inches tall and solid metal.  The same badge that is issued to the members of the band.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get one of these great collectibles!


(Glengarry not included)

The Official HFD Pipes and Drums towel.  Whether you are sweating, glistening, schvitzing or suffering dryness issues - this is the thing for you!  11x18 and includes a clip to attach it wherever you may need.  Only $10 and makes a great gift!

Oh, and did I mention how great these look on the side of a golf bag?

Yes, we now have a scarf!  Keep your neck warm or hang it over your belt or swing it around!  Full size, Full Color, Full of Fun! 

Only $20 and it can be yours ( plus $3 for shipping ).

HFD Pipes and Drums Scarf!